General Microscopy & Techniques

Spectrum viewer

Integrated by S. Junek (based on data from G. McNamara, U. Utzinger and others)

Emission and Excitation spectra
The spectral characteristics of your dyes and fluorescent proteins


Characteristics of your dyes

Proper Use of Objective Immersion Oil

Optical Microscopy Primer
Very complete and detailed general and advanced microscopy course (an endless source of information)

Nikon MicroscopyU
A link from the website above (highly recommended)

Olympus Microscopy Resource Center
Another very useful and complete microscopy resource with tutorials   

Zeiss Campus
An alternative from the sites above, very accessible

Zeiss objectives
All the informations you need to know regarding the objectives we have in the facility (a must see before choosing an objective)

Image Analysis & Deconvolution

SVI Huygens Deconvolution Software
Very important guidelines for those interested in using Huygens for deconvolution

Microscopy Societies and Initiatives

Belgium Society for Microscopy

European Microscopy Society

Royal Microscopical Society


Open Microscopy Environment

European Light Microscopy Initiativ


Image analysis Fiji (download)

3D visualisation (Volocity Full Demo version, no saving) (download)

System control (MicroManager)

Zen Light Edition (download)

OME (download)